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  • Gazuru

    On some rare occasions, the essence has already reached the highest level when the spirit first awakens. This is a rare talent called Innate Full Spirit Power and is recognized as starting at rank All combat spirits are inherent, therefore the highest a spirit master can achieve in his or her lifetime is already decided at birth.
    • Sara

      Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom)/Spirits Combat (erictom) Edit. History Comments (1) Share. This is a list of all Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat. Please note that this article is undergoing a revamp; the old spirits page can be accessed here. Contents. series spirits. series spirits Spirit.
      • Dinos

        The allied spirit I designed inhabits the body of a large (dog-sized) scorpion. If the scorpion body is destroyed, can the spirit then act as a normal, disembodied spirit? Could it then cast spells or initiate spirit combat? Sorry if these questions have been asked before, I couldn't find any specific answers in .
        • Zusida

          And in the same way the wards and manabarriers are there to get mages from astrally doing stuff. The spirit on patrol is looking for active auras. The mage is there to fight a mage, not put his face in the way of a dice-combat-shotgun. 95% of all magical security are aimed at mages, magical effects or other astrally active stuff.