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  • Faekasa

    Artificial Memory Trace [a.k.a. Slavek Kwi) is a cultural and musical refugee. Intensity and the power of his will is present in all that he does, be it the organic sound realm he creates, or the graphics and handwriting he invented.
    • Fenrijinn

      Reprint by Artificial Memory Trace, released 22 December 1. Part I. 2. Part II. Part I. 1. Lift for paper 2. Air (suction) 3. Ventilation 4. Printing 5. Assembling machine I. 6. Cutting of paper 7. Photo-machine Part II. 8. Assembling machine II. Rhythm of a printing press is the rhythm of humankind in the process of extending our ability to.
      • Groshakar

        Artificial Memory Trace. Clare, Ireland. Artificial Memory Trace is Slavek Kwi, a sound_artist loving sounds and interested in the phenomena of perception as the fundamental determinant of relations with reality. He is fascinated by possibilities of extrasensory communication as potential for raising mutual sensitivity (see ruviterrisilu.soybiseraraspedalmobeslikalmi.co_ and alfa00 projects) Slavek is grateful for your generous.
        • Gozshura

          Artificial Memory Trace – Reprint; Daniel Kordík – Poznova; Daniel Kordík / Tobiáš Potočný – INDPORT Released as CD and webrelease. by interpreting sounds through your references you are shaping in your mind an imaginary copy of the original field. Recordings of electromagnetic fields share this quality and add something more.